Tanchô the Troopy

Ready to Take on the World
Our new but quaint adventure vehicle is the epitome of under-stressed and over engineered design making it the quintessential overlanding rig! 

Meet Tanchô, our new and exciting project vehicle! Tanchô is a 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 78 which will eventually take us across Africa and Central Asia!

We bought Tanchô in Dubai on Oct. 13, 2019 and subsequently registered it in Venezuela since this vehicle model can’t be registered in the US. Our new adventure-mobile is already traveling the world! Tanchô is currently en route on a cargo ship that left the port of Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates toward Veracruz, Mexico. In January we’ll be traveling to Mexico to clear our troopy from the port and drive it back to Seattle, WA where we’ll outfit it. Stay tuned!

To keep up the tradition of naming our vehicles after animals and puns we named our new Toyota Land Cruiser, Tanchô which is the name for the Japanese red-crowned crane. Tanchô birds symbolize happiness, good luck, and longevity and they are a powerful icon in Japan. As for the pun; Tan is the color of the vehicle and Chô means butterfly in Japanese.

Troopy Mods | Troopy OEM Specs

Tanchô, our new home-on-wheels gets its own gallery! Check it out here!

Photos of Tanchô