Taisa Welhasch

Navigator, Photographer, Chef
Outdoor enthusiast, environmentalist and yoga instructor

Travel. It’s a wonderful way to wake up.

I love that our alarm clock on the road has often been the sound of birds, howler monkeys, roosters and giggling kids.

Three years and 20 countries later I find myself contemplating an alternative lifestyle. I thrive on the freedom and possibilities that the open road presents. Time slows down. The present moment becomes sweeter. Priorities become clearer.

Lately you can find me juggling side hustles as I navigate a more mobile career that incorporates yoga, hot showers and travel. Can I really have it all? I guess I will find out. Aside from being known as a good eater and a mountain girl, I always do my best to live my adventure.


A Little More About Taisa

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian, Spanish and now learning Portuguese

Funny fact: Sat on a cactus out of curiosity. She was only three, give her a break!

Memorable moment: Summiting Mt. Pisco in Peru reaching her highest high of 18,871 ft.

Highest honor: Voted “best aunt in the cosmos."

Palate preference: Savory and crunchy

Favorite quote: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” – Rumi

Favorite Photo Moments