Navigator, Photographer, Chef
Environmentalist, yogi, outdoors and french fries enthusiast.

South America has a special place in Taisa’s heart. It is where the stars aligned and she met her love, Ernesto. It is where she was introduced to enormous mountains (she is originally from New Jersey). It was also the first time that she had ever traveled to a foreign country for more than a couple of weeks. It was life changing, thrilling, humbling, and so enriching for her.

She can’t wait to do it again! Why? – Because she really needs to play outside after lots of studying and working inside. Because she can’t wait to wake up in new and exciting places, at whatever time she wants! Because she would like to hone her yoga, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, drawing, lounging and navigating skills (in that order). Because she is excited to meet new people, see new landscapes and try new foods. Because she is ready for another travel adventure!

A Little More About Taisa

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian and Spanish

Funny fact: Sat on a cactus out of curiosity. She was only three, give her a break!

Memorable moment: Hiking the Appalachian Trail from Vermont to New Hampshire

Highest honor: Voted “best aunt in the cosmos."

Palate preference: Savory and crunchy

Favorite quote: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” – Rumi

Favorite Photo Moments