Ernesto Lopez

Driver, Photographer, Designer
Adventure seeker, designer, photographer, musician and stubborn idealist.

Ernesto grew up in Venezuela, met his life partner (Taisa) at a bar in the mountains, moved to Seattle in 2002, studied graphic design, started his own design studio, worked his ass off, traveled every time he could, played music in a few bands, escaped to the outdoors every time he had a chance, worked his ass off some more, searched for new adventures, set bigger goals in life, had to work a little harder until he decided it was time to take a break and go follow one of his dreams.

Driving the Pan-American highway and experiencing life on the road has been, for years, one of Ernesto's biggest dreams. He finds inspiration in the magnificence of nature, the amazing life stories of those who never quit their dreams and the people that he loves.

A Little More About Ernesto

Highest mountain climbed: Pisco in Huascaran National Park, Peru. 18,871 ft (5,752 m)

Strangest encounter: When a zoo monkey bit his fingernail right off

Memorable moment: Camping in front of Volcan de Fuego while erupting in Guatemala.

Countries traveled: 42 (drove in 32 of them)

Favorite food: Empanadas

Favorite quote: “Going back to a simpler life based on living by sufficiency rather than excess is not a step backward.” – Yvon Chouinard

Favorite Photo Moments