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ARB Experiences – Overland The Americas

September 2021

Meet Ernesto & Taisa. Go to college, get a job, save money, quit that job, go travel… for modern-day adventure seekers, it’s the new life plan. Ernesto and Taisa met in Venezuela, finished up school, and built successful careers; but everyday life felt lacking. So the couple decided to load up their 4WD and spend four years overlanding the Americas. The places they discovered and the people they met changed them forever. “It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.” This is a story about breaking free.”

The 25 Most Outrageous and Well-Equipped Overlanders of SEMA 2021

November 2021

Our Troopy caught the eye of Autoweek's reporter Mark Vaughn at SEMA 2021. Although some of the vehicle model info is not quite accurate we're happy to see our home-on-wheels made it on this list.”

Capturing The Moment - Interview with Tread Magazine

By Ashley Giordano
September 2021

"Celebrating Earth's beautiful places with Overland The Americas. There's a photograph of Ernesto and Taisa I always loved. Standing at the 18,871 foot (5,752 meters) summit of Mt Pisco in Huascaran National Park, Peru. They are framed by and azure sky, crampons strapped to their boots and ice axes raised above their heads in Victory.

The thrill of the moment is infectious, transcending time and space. Revisiting the experience, Ernesto recalls carrying his 2-pound Nikon DSLR D810 camera and three lenses to the summit to capture the moment"...

Tread Magazine

Overland Mount West Expo Presentation Promo

July 2021

Ernesto and Taisa will join us at all three 2021 Overland Expos to share their favorite experiences from their 4-year journey across 23 countries in the Americas. From their most memorable routes in the Amazon jungle to the stunning and harsh landscapes in Patagonia. The couple shares inspiring stories and tips on traveling the Americas and their passion for the outdoors and future overland travel plans around the world.

Top Routes & Highlights of a Four Year Journey Across The Americas – Overland Expo Virtual Session Fall 2020

October 2020

Ernesto and Taisa (@OverlandtheAmericas) share their favorite experiences from their 4-year journey across 23 countries in the Americas. From their most memorable routes in the Amazon jungle to the stunning and harsh landscapes in Patagonia. The couple shares inspiring stories and tips on traveling the Americas and their passion for the outdoors and future overland travel plans around the world.

Adventure Traveler and Yoga Instructor. Taisa and Ernesto explored all 23 contiguous countries of the Americas in their Toyota 4Runner and rooftop tent over four years. As the primary trip planner and navigator, Taisa scoped out epic outdoor adventures including hiking, backpacking and diving in over a hundred national parks. She will tell you that going off the beaten path for a beautiful view or to find the best local cuisine is a must and so is a pair of traction boards. Taisa is in her element when practicing yoga or sharing a snack on top of a mountain.

Adventure Traveler and Photographer. Ernesto has traveled across 40 countries, 30 of them by vehicle. He is passionate about photography, sustainable travel and world culture. Ernesto and his partner Taisa, recently finished a 4-year long overland journey touring 23 countries with their project Overland The Americas. He’s currently working on their new Land Cruiser 78 Series build for their next international trip through Africa and Central Asia. Ernesto and Taisa have shared their travel stories and experiences at various vehicle-based adventure events in the US and Canada. You’ll find him at his happiest when camping, hiking or backpacking. Ernesto is a Venezuelan-American based in the Pacific Northwest.

Midland USA's 12 of The Best Instagrams to Inspire Your Next Overlanding Adventure

September 2019

For many, becoming an overlander is a dream come true. Luckily for those who aren’t there yet, social media provides us with a glorified lens into the overlanding and off-roading lifestyle. These are the best Instagrams to follow to keep tabs on the top overlanders as they make their way across the U.S. and beyond.We all need a little motivation and escapism in our lives, and following these overlanding Instagrams are sure to do the trick to your feed! Happy scrolling! These are 12 of the best Instagram accounts for off-road enthusiasts.

Full-time overlanders, Ernesto and Taisa, have traveled all over in their Toyota 4Runner with their project Overland The Americas. Over the last 4 years they have traveled internationally across 23 countries. Currently they are traveling through North America exploring some the best off road trails, so give them a follow and see their adventure!

Vehicle Walk Around of Sooty the 4Runner with Desk To Glory

September 2019

At last! A long overdue walk-around video of Sooty, our 4Runner. This was only possible thanks to Richard Giordano’s hard work and talent! Thank you so much my friend! You rock!!!

Make sure to subscribe to Desk to Glory’s YouTube Channel for travel inspiration and visit their website at

The Top 25 Instagram Overland Accounts by Expedition Portal

August 2019

We’re really honored to be included on Expedition Portal’s “Top 25 Instagram Overland Accounts” list along with so many incredibly talented photographers and explorers, many of them dear-inspiring friends of ours. A big shoutout to y’all! And thank you for keeping us all inspired!!

Expedition Portal


Down 2 Mob Overland - United States

June 2019

Down 2 Mob is a successful YouTube channel all things overland. We met Phil, the master mind behind Down 2 Mob at the 2019 Northwest Overland Rally and immediately hit it off. Before we knew it we were doing a fun interview with him about our overland trip through South America. Check it out! It's a candid and  honest 20 min video interview. Hope you enjoying and don't forget to check and subscribe to Phil's Down 2 Mob Channel!

Down 2 Mob Overland


Explorer Magazin - Germany

January 2019

Explorer Magazin, a renowned vehicle adventure publication out of Germany, featured one of our photos as a two-page spread in the Position section of their latest issue; January 2019. We're honored and happy to have had the opportunity to contribute a photograph taken while we were camping under a starry night and a solitary storm cloud that was putting a lightning show at El Salvador's highest point, Cerro El Pital.

If you speak or want to practice your German check them out!

Interview with GHT Overland Podcast

April 2018

We had and awesome conversation with our friends at GHT Overland Posdcast!  . – Check out the podcast interview here!

"Thinking about international overland travel? Crossing international borders can seem scary, Taisa and Ernesto tell you their prospective, breaking it down to simple with smart planning and prospective. We also talk about mapping, communication and vehicle maintenance.

Solid intel you want to check out!"

– GHT Overland Poscast

Interview with Magazine Todo Terreno (Spanish)

September 2017


We did a thoughtful interview with Revista Todo Terreno while in Lima, Peru . – Read more about below

"Ernesto y Taisa, una pareja de overlanders, aceptaron una entrevista a la revista TODO TERRENO 4X4, donde nos contaron sus experiencias recorriendo el mundo sobre una SUV. Desde hace un poco mas de dos años, un venezolano y una norteamericana comenzaron a transitar por varios países en su propio auto; sus aventuras estan registradas en su página web"

– Revista Todo Terreno 4x4


Interview with Rhino-Rack USA

August 2017


Our friends at Rhino-Rack USA asked us a few questions about our trip and prefaced the interview with a super kind introduction. Thank you so much guys. We're just two vagabonds. – Read more about our conversation with Rhino-Rack USA here!

"If we asked you what contiguous countries you'd like to overland the answer would have to be the great American journey. From Canada down through America and into Central and South for three years and more. Now that's an epic adventure most people can only dream about. Ernesto and Taisa are Overland The Americas and they know how to explore like only a few do. Rhino-Rack spoke to this amazing team so you can understand what it takes to pick up and go on the adventure of a lifetime."

– Rhino-Rack USA


Interview with Live Work Wander

July 2017


It's was a great honor when our inspiring friends Jorge and Jessica of Live Work Wander asked us to answer a few fun questions about ourselves and our overland trip. These two amazing people offered us tons of wise advice and knowledge before we left on our trip and we can't thank them enough for it. Thank you guys! Love ya! Check out our fun interview with Live Work Wander here

"Ernesto and Taisa are two overlanders we met a few years ago at the Northwest Overland Rally. Their adventurous spirit, infectious laughter, and warmth is present in every interaction."

– Live Work Wander


TCT Magazine

Spring 2017


Brandon Libby and our friends at TCT Magazine included us in the 2017 Toyota Overlanders List. Get your TCT Magazine subscription and check it out! Thanks guys! we're honored. 

"Their travels and adventures inspire us to step out into the world and truly experience life. We have followed along as they visit remote villages in South America, cross desserts in Africa, and traverse mountain passes in Asia These are the full time overlanders traveling in Toyotas. As a way to give back to the community we would like to share their stories and help connect you, our readers, with their adventures. Please take a moment to learn more about these adventure travelers as they are the ones that inspire us to get out and explore"

– TCT Magazine


Proven Overland Magazine

April 2017


We're really excited to be featured in Proven Overland Magazine's first issue! We've even made it on the cover!!! Scroll down to read our interview with Proven Overland Magazine – Michael Stolz, founder and publisher of Proven Overland, has delivered an amazing publication packed with 100 pages of great overland content; including a short interview with us. But best of all, is that we get to read the always inspiring stories from our good friends @ThisMustBeThePace and @PoseidonsBeard and the great adventures of our peeps @OX_Overland, @IamRoamR, @RockCreekOverland, @ThatVanagain, @OverlandExposure and @RoadLyfe. Make sure to check out and get inspired!!!


Thanks Michael, for the uber nice introduction and for sharing a little bit of our story with your readers.

"Do you ever sit there just scrolling through Instagram hoping you’ll run into a new post by your favorite instagrammers? Well we do, and we are always stoked when @OverlandTheAmericas posts something new for us to drool over. Ernesto and Taisa have been one of the most inspirational overloading couples we follow, well you know they’re tied with @DeskToGlory. But that’s a story for another time. Ernesto and Taisa left Seattle in their trusty Toyota 4runner in mid-2015 to explore all 23 countries in the Americas. We were able to catch up with Ernesto and Taisa via email and asked them some questions about their inspiring trip."

– Proven Overland


La Prensa de Honduras (Spanish)

June 2016

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Taisa y Ernesto, una pareja que decidió recorrer 23 países de América, se encuentran actualmente en Honduras y se muestran impresionados por su belleza natural y la calidez de los hondureños.

La pareja ha recorrido desde el 18 de julio de 2015 Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Belice, Guatemala, El Salvador y ahora están ya de salida en Honduras. A bordo de una Toyota 4Runner cuentan que salieron desde Seattle, Estados Unidos, a cumplir su sueño. Full article here




International Overland Vehicles of Expo Mountain West 2021 – Expedition Portal 

By Ashley Giordano | Photos by Richard Giordano
September 2021

"If you want to witness a North American vehicle enthusiast’s face turn green with envy, display an imported vehicle such as Overland the Americas’ 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser. After their travels through North, Central, and South America, Ernesto and Taisa of Overland the Americas purchased “Tanchô” in Dubai in October 2019, registered it in Venezuela, and drove it to the United States under a temporary permit. Ernesto has Venezuelan citizenship, and the vehicle will not remain in the country as it is built to travel the world. With bamboo countertops and plenty of natural light, the interior is beautiful."

Troopy Build Walkthrough – Mountain West Overland Expo DIY Exhibit

August 2021

"Overland The Americas 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier | Overland Expo Mountain West Today, I’m checking out Ernesto and Taisa's 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Troop carrier. These are the coolest Land Cruiser's on earth, but we can’t have them in the United States. Follow them on Their YouTube channel Overland the America’s, where they spend their lives traveling, and living the life we all wish we had. Why cant we have heavy duty Land Cruiser Toyotas? 🙁 As soon as the coil spring versions are eligible for import, I just might."

Independence Overland

Interview with Explmore

August 2021

"What advice would you give to others who are seeking life changing adventure?
Don’t over plan or overthink it. Travel slow. Find your rhythm and rediscover yourself and the things that you like. The hardest thing about embarking on a long adventure is making the leap and hitting the road. Go for it! We promise you that it’d be the best decision you could ever make. See you on the road!"

How to Find Dispersed Campsites / Leave No Trace - Campfire Conversation with Edward Shin and Two Dusty Travelers

October 2020

Our very talented friend Edward Shin shot this candid campfire conversation with Emily and Aaron from TwoDustyTravelers and ourselves. We give our insight and tips on how to find off-grid dispersed campgrounds, based on the tools we use most frequently. We also talk about how finding dispersed campgrounds also require more responsible utilization of the "leave no trace" and "tread lightly" principles. There are plenty of other ways to find campgrounds though, and I highly recommend doing additional research to find them!

Edward Shin's YouTube Channel

Encuentro Overland – Venezuela Overland Team (Spanish)

September 2020

"A Journey Across Venezuela"Article for Encuentro Overland Magazine

"Nos vemos pequeñitos en esa inmensidad, pero los aprendizajes de recorrer Venezuela fueron GRANDES!" - Venezuela Overland Team

Encuentro Overland Magazine

Interview for Magnificent World Magazine – Australia

January 2020

"The Journey of a Lifetime: Road Trippin’ from the USA to South America"Interview for Magnificent World Magazine

"Taisa is an environmental planner and yoga instructor from New Jersey and Ernesto is a UX/graphic designer and photographer from Merida, Venezuela. We called Seattle, Washington, home for 14 years and have recently come back after a four year road trip from the USA to South America. We explored all 23 contiguous countries in the Americas". Read more about how we decided to go on our journey through the Americas, what stood out along with some photos and some tips for planning a trip on your own. Check it out and hope you enjoy it. – Thanks to Cameron Kennedy and the team at Magnificent World for sharing our story with your audience.

Candid Bumper Chat with Richard Giordano of Desk to Glory

September 2019

During our last visit to Canmore, Alberta to see our friends Richard and Ashley Desk To Glory, Rich shot this video of our candid bumper chat about our overland trip through the Americas. We shared a little about our overland trip and the impact this experience had on us.

Make sure to check out and subscribe to Desk to Glory's YouTube Channel l follow their inspiring adventures at

Interview with Vagabroads for their book "I Can. I Will - Women Overlanding The World"

July 2018

Our friends Karin and Sunny (Vagabroads) put together an incredible book that tells the stories of 50 amazing women overlanding the world. – Check out and support the adventurous women discovering our planet. Taisa is also featured in this wonderful book!

"Simple honesty and trust makes you closer right away".

– Taisa Welhasch

Wheel Travel far Podcast Interview

July 2018

"After three years of careful planning and saving, Taisa and Ernesto loaded into their Toyota 4Runner and pointed the car south. They didn't know how long they would be gone or where exactly they would stop along the way, but they knew they wanted to go to all 23 countries as they traversed across Central and South America in Sooty - their Toyota 4Runner named after the Sooty Shearwater bird that migrates up to 40,000 miles a year.

These lovebirds met in 2002 when Taisa was studying abroad in Ernesto's hometown in Venezuala. Then the realities of real life fully kicked in. Taisa was an ecologist dedicated to waste management and Ernesto was working 60+ hour weeks as a graphic designer, but they were both craving more nature than the weekend was providing.

Vanlife and Overlanding are depicted in a variety of ways on social media, some good, some not so good,  and some absolutely incredible. Taisa and Ernesto's account, @overlandtheamericas falls into the incredible category. And, It made us wonder, what goes into to creating and building a beautiful travel-blog? Their account is visually flawless and will inspire anyone to get out on the open road. We also were excited to tap into Taisa's waste management expertise.  Unfortunately, all of the locations depicted online are not necessarily picture perfect in reality. A problem very near and dear to our hearts is the massive environmental waste & disposal problem most developing countries struggle with- trash is everywhere.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did."

– Wheel Travel Far

Listen to our Podcast interview with Wheel Travel Far here!


Interview with TV Channel in Gurupi, Brazil (Portuguese)

July 2018

While traveling with our friends viajando nós 4x4 and Aldo, Vera and Toto in Gurupi, Tocantins, Brazil the local channel did a little interview with us. Check it out!

– Sil TV - Band Network


Interview with BFGoodrich Garage

November 2017


We were very honored and excited to hear from BFGoodrich Garage about their interest in our journey!  . – Check out the our interview here!

"Ernesto and Taisa had well-paying jobs and great friends, but they felt their balance between work and life was slipping away from them. Their solution was to leave it all behind and embark on an untethered life."

– BFGoodrich Garage


Top 10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts by OUTWORLD

December 2017

We're humbled to be included in OUTWORLD's 10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts! Thank you so much guys! 


Taisa & Ernesto are currently on a 23-country expedition covering North and South America. Their 5th gen 4Runner isn’t the most extreme build on the web, but it’s practical and used more than most would ever dream. This is legitimate overlanding with awe-inspiring photos and stories, but without the corporate overtones."



Interview with Explmore

August 2017


We are honored that our friend, Charles from Explmore featured us in the “Today’s Inspiration” section of his website! Check out this sneak peak into our travel experience. Read the full interview here


Video Interview with Mundo Tuerca (Spanish)

August 2017


Our friend Klaus Moreau, Nancy Diaz of Mundo Turca in Lima, Peru and Mitsui Automotriz worked on putting together this video interview and offered us the opportunity to share a little about our overland trip through the Americas. Thank you very much guys! 


Interview with Ecuador's Ministry of Tourism (Spanish)

May 2017


This is a short interview we had with The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador in the beautiful city of Cuenca about our trip and experience in the country. Thank you so much for the warm welcome Ecuador! 


Overland Journal

Spring 2017


We're really stoked that a few of our photos have been featured in Overland Journal! Thanks guys!


Dirt Orcas

November 2016


We are honored our friend Paul Strubell of  published a fun interview about our trip. Thank you Paul for the kind introduction and for sharing a little about our trip.

"They [Overland The Americas] are the ones experiencing the trenches and mountain tops, but they do a wonderful job of making you feel like you are part of it as well, though their photography and story telling.

I have included just a small sample of their amazing journey here, but you can view additional photos and really dig into the spirit of their trip and the many amazing places they have passed though with social media. I highly recommend following their travels on Instagram and Facebook.

One of the best parts about following their trip is that they seem to really know how to soak up the culture and take the road less traveled. They take the time to explore individual places and it never feels like they are in a rush to get to the next destination.

They are a great reminder that life is truly meant to be lived to the fullest."

Make sure to check out to read his great inspiring stories!



TCT Magazine

Winter 2016


Thank you guys for featuring our photo along with all the other amazing photos in the [FRAMED] section of the Winter 2016 issue!

Visit TCT Magazine and subscribe to this awesome Toyota cruisers and trucks publication. You can download the full Winter 2016 issue here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.28.54 PM



Hondura Tips

June 2016


Breve reseña de Ernesto y Taisa

Ernesto es venezolano y Taisa de Estados Unidos, juntos han viajado en camioneta por 7 países de América, aún le faltan por visitar unos 16 más. Han visitado otros 28 países de otros continentes. Ellos viajan por que los hace sentir genuinamente libres. Leer carta sobre Honduras en su totalidad aquí Hondura Tips