How to Find Dispersed Campsites / Leave No Trace – Campfire Conversation with Edward Shin and Two Dusty Travelers

Our very talented friend Edward Shin shot this candid campfire conversation with Emily and Aaron from TwoDustyTravelers and ourselves. We give our insight and tips on how to find off-grid dispersed campgrounds, based on the tools we use most frequently. We also talk about how finding dispersed campgrounds also require more responsible utilization of the “leave no trace” and “tread lightly” principles. There are plenty of other ways to find campgrounds though, and I highly recommend doing additional research to find them!

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  • Country: United States
  • Place: Washington
  • Date: October 2020
  • Author: Edward Shin / Overland the Americas / Two Dusty Travelers
  • © All Videos Copyrighted

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