Camping At Lago Atitlan – Guatemala, Central America

When we scope out camping spots, the view really counts. We lucked out with epic view of Lago Atitlan. This particular night, we spent cooking and relaxing with great friends.


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  • Country: Guatemala
  • Place: Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Sololá
  • Date: April, 2016
  • Author: Overland The Americas
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2 Responses

  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Hi guys! I’m loving the video of your sunset by the lake. Just a quick question about your camping situation – are you on an official camp site or is this a gem you found by yourselves? Do you know much about wild camping in Guatemala? Cheers!

    • Overland The Americas
      | Reply

      Hi Anna! Yeah, we were in an official campground. It was marked as closed at one point in iOverlander but it wasn’t, at least when we were there. We don’t remember the name of the campground but it was right before the last turn left into Panajachel when coming down the mountain. It is a sharp turn right coming down the road from Solola. You should be able to find it in iOverlander. When we wild camped in Guatemala it usually was in very remote areas or natural protected areas. Cheers!

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