Partners + Sponsors

We'd like to thank these outstanding brands and businesses for their support, excellent work and awesome products. Make sure to click on their logos to check out their websites. Thank you for helping us get ready for our overland trip!
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We're really excited to partner with Adventure Ready, an exceptional Seattle based company born out of a lifelong passion to explore the world.

Adventure Ready lives and breathes adventure – providing a wide range of services related to overland adventure and vehicle-driven exploration, including accessory installation, vehicle customization and upgrades and complete vehicle planning. Adventure Ready will help you get out and explore the world!

There aren't enough good things we can say about our BFGoodrich AT KO2s tires. We've trusted these tires to keep us safe for the entire length of our 75,000 mile journey across 23 countries in the Americas. We've put them through the test on all imaginable roads and they're still running strong! We're now crossing the United States and Canada all the way to Alaska on a brand new set! Thanks BFGoodrich for your support. You rock!

ARB USA Not only has some of the best off-road and overlanding products in the market; their customer support is also unparalleled! They have worked with us helping us troubleshoot issues while on the road and have also sponsored us with a full set of Old Man Emu coils springs. We're beyond satisfied with all our ARB gear. A very special shout-out to our ARB4x4 USA and ARB4x4 Latin America for your the best customer support one could ever asked for. Thank you ARB USA!!!  |

Odyssey Batteries We've used (2) Extreme 34M PC1500 Odyssey Batteries for over 5 years and the entire length of our overland journey through the Americas. Odyssey batteries are designed to provide enormous cranking power, deep cycle reserve power, and three times the life of conventional batteries. They are constructed from 99.99% pure virgin lead and deliver twice the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries. Odyssey batteries' rugged construction and sealed, drycell AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design enable them to withstand extreme vibration as well as prevent failure, leaks, and spills. They maintain up to 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries (up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge). They also last up to 10 years in engine-start operation versus 2-3 years for conventional batteries. Thanks guys for powering our overland adventure!

GOBI Racks We've been rocking our Stealth Gobi Rack and hatch door ladder on our 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner for the last 5 years. We've taken it across 23 countries in the Americas and it remains to date as solid and badass looking as the first day. We've not only used it; we have abused it and put through the test. Isn't that what really good products are made for anyway? – Best of all GOBI Racks has always offered us their prompt support when we've needed to add a new accessory to our rack. Thanks guys, you rock!!!



Extreme LED Light Bars. We're really stoked with our new dual 40" led light bar by Extreme LED! We're now ready to drive across thousands of miles through the South American Altiplano, its deserts and the entire length of Patagonia. Thank you guys for the opportunity to become proud ambassadors of Extreme LED's High Performance light bars and accessories!

Our friend Tim McGrath at Sackwear is the person responsible for designing our kick ass t-shirts! We are super happy to rock our Overland The Americas t-shirts! It has been a great way for our friends and followers to show us their support. It's amazing what a tight community of likeminded people can do when working together. We are glad to be part of that closely knit overlanding community. Thank you, Tim, for your continuous support and for the awesome t-shirts!

Our friends at CBI Offroad Fab have been amazing to us. They were open to add a couple of customizations to our rear bumper and they have been outspoken supporters of our trip. We can't thank them enough for their awesome product which has saved the integrity of our truck a few times already. They also were nimble to replace our safety pin after we broke it. Thanks a lot guys!


Overland Empire was the first adventure brand to show interest in supporting our trip. OE are real adventure enthusiasts! They hooked us up with some of the sweetest wearables out there. Our OE gear is definitely our go-to gear! We couldn't be happier and more proud to rock our Overland Empire t-shirts, hats and hoodies. Special Thanks to Mark at Overland Empire for your grassroots support! YOU ROCK!!!

Our amazing friends at Mule Expedition Outfitters worked super hard on getting last min, critical modifications to our truck. Joe and Jeff worked on a state-of-the- art dual battery set up and cleaned up previous electrical work that was less than desirable. Joe, Dana and Jeff are not only amazing at their jobs, they are also some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Mule Expedition Outfitters also applied nice courtesy discounts to the line work they put into our rig. We could not recommend enough the awesome team at Mule Expedition Outfitters. Thank you a ton, guys! You're the best!

Maxtrax USA and Maxtrax HQ have been incredible to us. KC at Maxtrax America hooked us up with a discounted set of 4 Maxtrax after our previous set was stolen only a few days before our trip departure date. Maxtrax HQ in Australia has helped us through an awesome partner referral program and they have stood behind our trip by helping us boost our trip media. Thank you guys so much for your support! Ah and by the way, Maxtrax are the single most effective piece of recovery gear we've resorted to. Life savers!

Maxtra America / Maxtrax HQ

Brian the man behind Overland Solar was on board right away when we asked if he could help us with a courtesy discount just days prior to us departing on our trip. Overland Solar not only offered a 20% discount on their awesome 90 watt panel+controller but they also included a sweet 600 watt power inverter with a hi-quality wiring loom to install on our truck along with other electrical goodies. Overland Solar uses only the best solar cells and builds solid solar systems that are above any other we've seen on the road. Thank you, Overland Solar, for helping us stay charged on the road!


After getting our Rhino Rack Tag-Along Tent and Rhino Rack awning extensions stolen We contact Rhino Rack USA and they were able to give us a genorous 40% discount on the awning extensions so we can keep ourselves dry for the rainy season in Central America! Thank you guys so much!!!


After 20,000+ miles Sooty was needing good professional preventive revision and care. The guys at Magma4x4 not only became instant friend but they helped us greatly get Sooty (and ourselves) ready to continue our long journey south. If you ever find yourself in Nicaragua needing real professionals working on your vehicle this is your one stop. We can't thank Magma4x4 enough for their invaluable help and support! You guys rock!!!

John Matthews, owner and lead mechanic at Auburn Car Repair and Offroad is hands down, the best mechanic I have had the opportunity to work with. They are solely responsible for most of the modifications done to our truck. They installed our lift, suspension system, front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, roof rack, roof top tent, winch, auxiliary lights, etc. These guys are IT when it comes to reliable quality work on your 4x4. After dozens of miles driven (many through crazy rough roads) their work stands solid! Thank you guys so much for such amazing work!

If you ever find yourself in Guatemala City needing reliable work done on your overland rig, make sure you stop at UR Gear! Rodrigo and Jonathan were incredibly helpful when we were in a time crunch to get our brake pads replaced and our new pack spacers put on. They offered us a super generous discount even when we showed up late at the end of the day. They worked overtime to get the job done right and on time. Thank you guys for your invaluable help!


Paramount Xpeditions Our good friend and climber extraordinaire, Julio Huamaliano, is the man in charge of Paramount Xpeditions; an outstanding professional outdoors and adventure guide providing a wide array of activities in the Cordillera Blanca and other areas of Peru. If you find yourself in Huaraz-Caraz, Ancash or its surrounding areas make sure to get in touch and get your adrenaline fix! Thank you my friend! We had an incredible experience climbing Pisco with you. Thank you!

Paramount Xpeditions