Overlander Travelers


We are inspired by many overlanders who share their experiences through their blogs and Facebook pages. We've gathered this list so you too can find inspiration and information about traveling overland. Let us know if we missed you and we'll add your blog and Facebook page to the list.
Ah! Those in bold with a heart are those we had the pleasure to meet, share stories, live on the road and go adventuring with.


2 Travel Engineers 


30 for Thirty

50450 Americas Road Trip 


95 Degrees South 

99 Days To Panama



Adventure Americas

An Intentional Wanderer 

Aprendendo Com A Estrada

Desk to Glory 

Adventure Continued 

Adventure on Tap

Adventure’s in Skyhorse


Alaska to Patagonia 

Aldo Vera and Toto 

Alla Deriva

American Recess

Amerikaenkombi Argentina

Argentina Alaska en Fiat 600

Around the World in 800 Days

Around Panamericana

Austin to Argentina 


Beso del Sol

BFA - Black Fox Adventures 

B&K Explore 

Brandy + Lewis 

Blue Vision Expedition

Bo 'n' Louise

Bodes Well

Bound For Nowhere  


Calder's No Fixed Address  

Camper Clan

Capitol Southbound

Carpe Viam 



Constantine and Paula 

Cornwall 2 Cape Horn 

Dare 2 Go 

Day Trippers

De Alaska a Patagonia

Descubriendo Rutas 

Destination South 

Detours Encouraged 

Dibujando Caminos

Destinados Por Aí     

Dirt Sunrise   

DNA Nomade    

Donde Nos Lleve la Brisa 

Drive Nacho Drive 

Dullie Exploring   

Dusty Blender

Dutchies go Global

Expediciones Rui Mendes 

Expedition Overland 

Exploring Elements 

Finding Our Routes 

Flightless Kiwis 

Follow The Hound

Freedom Thru Movement 

Fredi & Jacquelin Rupp   

From The Road

Fronteras Imaginarias

Furgo En Ruta   


We Gon Dirtin'


Gunther, Christine and Otto

Happy Richters 

Hass & Co Travels   

Hasta Alaska

Heather and Scott's Adventures

Here Until There

Home on the Highway

Home 2 Home America 

Idle Theory Bus

Ilka & Günther Weingaertner

It's The Journey That Matters

JFDI Overland 

Joe and Josée's Journey 

John and Mandi

Joy Drive 

Kahung Law   


Know No Borders


La Bicha Andante

La Casita Azul   

La Chata Latinoamerica   

Landcruising Adventure 

La Lula 

La Route Doan 

Lañata Porahianda

Less Is More One 

Let's be Nomads 

Life Remotely 


Logo Ali  

Long Road STT

Los Locos de la Fiorino 

Lost World Expedition 


Mali Mish 

Mateando Por America

Mega Macaqueiros 

Memorias de Mochila 

Moglander Travels

Mundo Por Terra 

My Art of Travel 

My One Way Home

My Overland Adventure 

Neli's Big Adventure



North to South 


Off We Go 

One Great Adventure 

Our Open Road

Our Overland Life

Overland Nomads

Overland Diaries  

Overland the World 

Pablo Rey and Anna Callau 

Panamericana 2013

Panchos Way 2015   

Pandilea rock the World   

Paseando En Kombi

Patagonia or Bust

Path to Enlightenment 

Penelope The Van

Proyecto Sur 

Ramble Writer 

Renzo & Mary Zorzi 

Roadtrippin' the Americas

Ruined Adventures


Song Of The Road

South By Land 

Southern Tip Trip

Sprinter Life

So Restless 

Sudamerica En Willys 

Sumo Goes South 

Terras Onde Passei     

The Buddy Expedition

The Dangerz

The Darien Plan 

The Long Way Home 

The Long Way South

The Next Adventures

The Next Big Adventure

The Overlanders

The Ramblin Van

The Road Chose Me

Vibes Of Panama

The Viajeros Sudamerica 

The Water Van Project 

The Wageneers 

The Wild Routine 

There Today 

This Intentional Life

This Must Be The Pace 

Tiemen & Olga   

Totoro The Van 

Tranquilo Adventures

Trans-Americas Journey

Travel Amateurs 

Travessia Das Americas 

Traveling 9 to 5

Travelling Jalapeno Bros

Two Dusty Travelers

Two for the Road 

Upa Chalupa



Vagabond Gentleman 



Vamos En Van

Van Nomads 



Vanderlust Americas 

Van Travellers 



Viajando Nos 4x4 

Viaje Rico 

Viajeros de los Vientos  

Viajeros del Leon 

Viajeros del Mundo

Wander Globe 

Wander With Me

Waz & Iwona's Excellent Adventure 

Where The Eyes Go

Where's The Gringo? 

Where's My Office Now? 

Wild Journey 

Yago Poramerica 

You Me and The Road