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1996 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75 (4x4) - Troop Carrier "Troopy"

Price $50,000



1996 1HZ 4.2L Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier
Midnight Blue
175k km / 108k miles
Priced at $50,000


This rugged, go-anywhere 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier is the ultimate adventure machine, built to conquer the toughest terrain and take you on unforgettable journeys. With its iconic design, bulletproof reliability and off-road capabilities, this Troop Carrier is the perfect companion for your next camping, overlanding, or off-road adventure. And with its camper buildout in the rear, you can enjoy all the comforts of home while exploring the great outdoors.

This RHD 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser 75 Series (Troop Carrier or Troopy) with just 175k KM (108k miles) on it features the legendary 1HZ 4.2-liter inline-six diesel engine, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and a dual-range transfer case. A heavy-duty suspension system and locking differentials that provide unbeatable traction and maneuverability in any terrain.

Here are some of the modifications and upgrades that have been added to make this Land Cruiser the ultimate adventure vehicle:



Details and Highlights

  • Built in Japan
  • Imported from Australia to the USA in 2023
  • Right-Hand Drive
  • Chassis: VIN JT721PJ508012578
  • 175k Km (108k miles)
  • 4.2 liter 1HZ Diesel Inline-six
  • 5-Speed manual gearbox
  • 2-Speed transfer case
  • 2-inch Fulcrum Lift Kit suspension
  • Tough Dog Steering Damper
  • ARB Deluxe front bumper
  • 33-inch Comforser CF3000 on 16-inch Deep Dish Steeliess
  • OEM Snorkel
  • Darche 270 Awning
  • Kickass Shower Awning
  • Uniden UHF Radio
  • X2 Uniden antennas 6.6/4.5 dbi
  • Tow Hitch
  • Backup Camera
  • JVC Head Unit
  • Towing mirrors
  • 160-watt Solar Panel
  • Redarc Charger
  • Kings Switch Panel
  • Dual Battery System
  • Kut Snake Fender Flares
  • Built interior Drifta drawer system
  • Center console Kings 15L fridge
  • Rear Dometic tray fridge
  • Window solar covers
  • Upgraded Seats with Black Duck Seat Covers
  • Overhead Console Front and Back
  • Private party -  offered with importation documents
  • Price - $50,000


Darche 270 Awning: This awning is perfect for providing shade and shelter on hot summer days or during sudden rain showers.

Kickass Shower Awning: Take a refreshing shower after a long day on the trails with this convenient shower awning.

X2 Uniden antennas 6.6/4.5 dbi: Improve your radio's signal and reception with these top-of-the-line antennas.

Full-length Custom Aluminum Roof Rack: Store additional gear and equipment on top

ARB Deluxe Bull Bar: Protects your vehicle and adds the ability to mount lights and a winch to the front of the vehicle. X2 7inch spotlights mounted

Tow Hitch: Tow all your gear and equipment

160-watt Solar Panel: Charge your battery and power your devices

Towing mirrors: Improved visibility while towing

Kut Snake Fender Flares: Protect your vehicle and adds a rugged look

**Roof Top Tent Not included


33-inch Comforser CF3000 on 16-inch Deep Dish Steelies: These beefy tires provide excellent traction and clearance in all sorts of conditions.

2-inch Fulcrum Lift Kit: This lift kit provides added clearance and stability, making it easier to navigate rough terrain, especially with the 1,100lb constant load suspension in the rear.

Tough Dog Steering Damper: Improved steering and handling on rough terrain and at highway speeds.

Heavy Duty Breaks: Upgraded heavy duty breaks for increase safety.

Heavy Duty Clutch: Upgraded heavy duty clutch for to ensure maximum torque.



Dometic Drawer Fridge: Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh no matter where you are with this top-of-the-line fridge. Located in the rear left drawer of the Drifta Rear Drawer system.

Drifta Rear Drawers: Organize your gear and supplies in high-quality, custom-built drawers.

JVC Head Unit: Touch screen enabled and equipped with Bluetooth

Backup Camera: Back up and maneuver with confidence thanks to this rear camera system and dedicated display mounted on the dashboard.

Kings 15L Center Console Fridge: Keep your drinks cool and easily accessible with a conveniently located center console fridge.

Uniden UHF: Stay in touch with your convoy and never lose communication while out on the trails

Solar Screens: Keep the sun out and stay cool with these custom-fit solar screens.

Dual Battery System: Never worry about your battery dying while out on the trails again with the dual battery setup.

Redarc Charger: Keep your batteries topped up and ready for action

Kings Switch Panel: Control all your electrical components with ease

Upgraded Seats with Black Duck Seat Covers: Enjoy a more comfortable ride and keep the seats protected long term.

Overhead Console Front and Back: Organize your sunglasses, maps, and other essentials close at hand


Not only is the Toyota 1HZ diesel capable of doing the job of a smaller capacity turbo-diesel, it will continue to do so for at least half a million kilometres with some operators reporting a million kilometres covered before major work has been required.

Throw in superb day-to-day reliability and dependability and decent efficiency and fuel economy, and you can see why the 1HZ, though hardly a sprinter, has endeared itself to long-distance and remote-area travellers.

Any 1HZ engine review will always make the point that this is a long-life engine that won’t quit in a hurry.

  • Production years: 1990-2023

  • Displacement: 4.2 L (4,164 cc)

  • Horsepower: 131 PS (129 hp; 96 kW)

  • Torque: 285 N⋅m (29 kg⋅m; 210 lb⋅ft)

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • Transmission: Five-speed manual or automatic (in other applications)

The Toyota 1HZ was first used in the Land Cruiser 70 series in 1990. It features a cast iron engine block that carries on Toyota’s tradition of extreme durability and reliability. It is one of Toyota’s biggest inline 6 engines.

Click here for more info on this 1HZ Fuel Injection Engine


Toyota’s 70 Series is the longest running Land Cruiser series to date. They originally came out in 1984 and can still be purchased new in dealership showrooms worldwide with the exception of North America and a few other countries. 70 Series Land Cruisers established themselves as one of the most reliable and versatile 4WD vehicles ever to be built. The longer wheelbase Troopcarrier model (75 hardtop) or Troopy is an absolute icon around the world. For decades it has been the vehicle of choice for The United Nations, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent and many non-governmental organizations. Military, police and fire departments of several countries use them in their fleets. These workhorses are also used by mining companies around the world. They also are used by farmers, as remote public transit vehicles, bush touring and world travelers. This is a great opportunity to own a truly legendary Toyota Land Cruiser Troopcarrier 75 Series (Troopy) and experience first hand why this vehicle has become the most iconic 4WD in the world. Click here for more info on the 70 Series Land Cruiser models or read this guide on the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series.



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